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DIY End of the Year Student Gifts

Google DIY End of the Year Student Gifts

The end of the year is upon us and you may or may not be thinking about end of the year student gifts. There was a time I thought I needed to spend money on cute gifts for my students. I felt like I had to make the last day of school a huge event of games, prizes, and something to take home. I think we, in our own way, want to show our students how much they mean to us. But I realized years ago that wasn’t necessary. To be honest, I didn’t need to do much to make my students happy. So you might be wondering what to get students at the end of the year. Here I have DIY end of the year student gifts your kids will love.

Google DIY End of the Year Student Gifts

Writing Journals for Kids

Since we’d like our students writing over the summer, why not give them something to encourage just that? And to make it even better, let’s personalize them! Make a journal for each of your students by adding their names to the journals, printing them out, and adding some lined paper inside. If you have some pencils handy, attach those too. Your kids will be so excited to get something with their name on it. You could even add a little note on the first page for each student.

Google Writing Journals for Kids

DIY Goodie Bags

Nothing complicated. Just print a topper for each snack size bag and fill it with something. This idea is quick and easy and won’t break the bank. I’ve seen teachers use this idea throughout the year and the kids always enjoy these simple treat bags. Here are some goodie bag treat ideas:

  • candy/cookies/crackers
  • crayons
  • playdough
  • stickers
  • mini erasers
Google Goodie Bag Treat Ideas

Letters for Students

Have you ever written a personalized letters to students? Of all the gifts I’ve given to kids, this is the one they love the most. I’ve had first and second graders ask me to help them read their letters and then I watched them beam from ear to ear with pride from the words I’ve shared with them. It’s pretty simple, just speak from the heart and that means the world to them. Now it can be a bit time consuming, so give yourself about a week and do a few a day. You won’t regret the effort you put into these motivational letters for students. They will cherish them.

Flower Seeds

Gift your students some flower seeds to plant. You can just give them the seeds or add a cup with a little soil. Either way these seed cards are adorable and meaningful end of year student gifts. You can find cheap seed packets at the dollar store or even buy half the packs and add a few seeds to each card. This card has a pocket for adding seed packets or simply add 4-5 seeds and glue shut. Kids love a project and something to take care of.

Google Plants for Students
Google End of Year Student Gifts Kindergarten
Google Last Day of School Gifts for Kindergarten

Class Photo

Your students will be so excited to get a picture of their friends. Take a group photo and have them printed at pretty low prices through Target or Walgreens. Then add a nice note on the back. Just another easy idea for cheap end of year student gifts. You could even have the kids make their own frames with popsicle sticks.


Remind your students that even though they’re not in school, they should still be reading. Print a bookmark, write a sweet note on the back, and laminate it. Your students will love having something written just for them to remember you. These bookmarks can be found here in color and in black and white. If you’d like, let students color them and then laminate the bookmarks so they’ll last longer.

Google Free Printable Bookmarks for Students

Thank You Cards

Have you ever given your students thank you cards? Maybe a student drew a picture for you? One you could tell they spent time on. Or maybe you received a gift from a student and you wanted to thank them. I’ve given students thank you cards and watched as students save these cards in a special place in their desks to pull out and read every once in awhile. As I write this I have several students who have their thank you cards displayed on their desks like a badge of honor.

Whether you’re looking for something sentimental, something easy, or something quick, these DIY end of the year student gifts will be loved by your students. You don’t have to break the bank at the end of the year to make your students happy. They will be so in love with something as easy as letter or a picture of their classmates.



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