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Ready-Made Phonics Lessons For Small Groups That Save You Time


Hey there! Let’s talk about phonics lessons – the unsung heroes of the reading world! Picture this: a fun and structured approach that connects the dots between the sounds we hear and the letters on the page. These lessons are like the secret code to becoming a strong reader. We’re talking about the ABCs where you not only learn the letters but also how they dance together to create words. It’s all about making friends with sounds and letters, so reading becomes a breeze.

Letter Name and Sound Drills are a quick, independent activity for students to practice as a small group warm up. Get resources here.

Alright, let’s dive into the classroom commotion, especially when time is playing hard to get for those small groups. Educators find themselves in a time juggling act, trying to make the most of every precious minute. Small groups are like those cozy learning hubs, where it’s all about personalized attention and teamwork.

But here’s the catch – timing can be a struggle. Teachers turn into time management engineers, picking activities that pack a punch in learning while making room for those aha moments. It requires planning, engaging, and building a little community within the ticking seconds. Educators are crafting an experience while making every minute count in the unique learning journey of each student.

Embarking on the journey of phonics instruction introduces a critical facet of literacy development in the classroom. The focal point of this educational endeavor lies in the implementation of phonics mini lessons – concise, yet potent instructional segments crafted to instill fundamental decoding and spelling skills. These mini lessons serve as foundational building blocks, systematically addressing the intricacies of sound-symbol relationships.

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What’s in a Phonics Lesson?

Once your students sit down at your small group table, the clock starts ticking. Every moment counts so it’s important to get started right away. But what should be the focus? Where do you begin?

In this case, phonics mini lessons are concise and targeted instructional segments designed to efficiently address specific phonemic awareness or decoding skills. These mini lessons are strategically crafted to be brief yet impactful, recognizing the importance of keeping students engaged and focused.

Whether you’re a seasoned teacher or just starting out, these user-friendly phonics teaching materials are designed to save you time and spark excitement in your students. Say goodbye to lesson planning stress and hello to effective, fun phonics instruction that’s ready when you are.

Review the Sound

Let’s talk about reviewing letter sounds – a bit like catching up with an old friend in the world of reading and writing. It’s like a fun and friendly check-in where we make sure we still remember the sound each letter makes. In the case of these phonics lesson ideas, we’ll focus on one sound and one or two spelling patterns that represent that sound.

Sound Fluency

Sound fluency in phonics – it’s like the secret sauce for becoming a word wizard! It’s all about getting cozy with those letter sounds, making it second nature to recognize and say them in a snap. It’s like having a superpower that lets you glide through words effortlessly when you’re reading.

Decoding Drill

Think of a decoding drill like a workout session for your brain, where you flex those reading muscles! It’s a bit like a word gym, and your task is to tackle a bunch of words or non-words, kind of like solving mini word puzzles. During this drill, you’re on a mission to decode and pronounce each word, using your trusty phonics knowledge.

Sentence Fluency

The whole idea is to make your sentences flow like a conversation, not a robot. Sentence fluency is your secret sauce for reading out loud without sounding like a textbook.

Dictation & Encoding

So, the deal with dictation is to have someone read out a bunch of words or sentences, and your mission is to write them down correctly. It’s not just a spelling bee; it’s like training your brain to turn words into written magic.

Connected Text

Connected text is like the VIP lounge of reading – it’s where words get together for a meaningful party! The whole point of connected text is to give you a sneak peek into how language works in the real world. Instead of isolated words or sentences, it’s like reading a story that flows naturally.

Phonics Learning Activities

Transform phonics practice into a hands-on, fun experience with a collection of printable phonics games! Easy to use and perfect for the classroom or home, these games add an interactive twist to learning essential reading skills. Spice up your lessons with engaging activities that students can enjoy anywhere.


Small Groups planning shouldn’t take your time and energy, and it doesn’t have to. Keep it simple, engaging, and effective, and you’ll thank yourself later.



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