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Hi, I’m Stacy!

I work with teachers who are looking for ways to improve their writing instruction. I give them tools to engage young writers, while making your writing block or Writer’s Workshop the highlight of your day. I create resources for educators who struggle to scaffold literacy instruction and help them look and feel totally ready to teach reading and writing at the drop of a hat.

I have over 15 years of teaching experience in the primary grades as well as experience coaching teachers in writing, the Common Core, and English Language Development. I am a reading specialist with a  Master’s in Reading/Literacy as well as a Reading Authorization.

When I’m not busy teaching and mentoring teachers, I love riding my bike along the beach and picnicking with the love of my life. I love to travel to the mountains and enjoy nature. I’ve travelled throughout Europe and look forward to exploring my own backyard. When I’m indoors, I enjoy watching reality TV and eating cupcakes. You might even find me on the patio of a restaurant eating chips and salsa and drinking margaritas.

If you’re feeling a connection to me, and you’re dying to know more, here are some more things you might find interesting:

Let me help you by gifting you this writing office, which I know you’ll just love.