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Friday Letters


Weekly letters for students to share with their families throughout the year! Friday Letters are a form of communication from students to parents about their week at school. We know that parent involvement is very important in a child’s education.

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Keeping parents informed about their child’s behavior and the learning that occurs in the classroom helps to bridge the communication gap.

Each week students write a letter to their families about something they would like to share. Once the students share with their families, they return the letters to save for an end of the year keepsake. The letters can be put into a book and sent home on the last day.

In this resource, you will find:

  • parent letter explaining Friday Letters.
  • 5 cover page options for creating a book of the letters.
  • circle map to help students brainstorm about their week.
  • tree map to help students map out their ideas.
  • 70 paper themes with 4 line options for each.


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