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Reading Posters


Make sure your students use and remember those comprehension skills and literary vocabulary you’ve taught! These bright and colorful posters are easy to read and are a great reference tool for your beginning readers.

Included are 26 color and black and white posters. Each poster comes with half sheet comprehension checks, which can be used after read alouds or independent reading. If you’d like to use the posters for a bulletin board, you will find bulletin board lettering and comprehension questions to add to your board.



  • alliteration
  • ask questions
  • author
  • author’s purpose
  • cause and effect
  • central message
  • character
  • compare and contrast
  • details
  • fable
  • main idea
  • major event
  • make predictions
  • moral
  • plot
  • poem
  • point of view
  • problem
  • retell
  • rhyme
  • setting
  • solution
  • story structure
  • summarize
  • use background knowledge


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