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Reciprocal Teaching for Beginning Readers


Reciprocal Teaching for Beginning Readers includes the resources you will need to implement picture walks, prediction making, setting the purpose, clarifying/monitoring, asking questions, visualizing, and retelling/summarizing.


If you have been wanting to try Reciprocal Teaching in your classroom, but don’t know where to begin, this is for you!

Reciprocal teaching is the use of reading strategies to increase comprehension of text while working in small groups. You will find lesson plans and resources for each of the 7 strategies along with information for starting reciprocal teaching in your class.

Keep in mind that young readers need modeling and guided practice. They need explicit instruction in each strategy, which you will find in this product. Your students will learn the strategies of reciprocal teaching before beginning work in small groups. If having students work in small groups scares you, this product can also be used with the whole class or guided reading groups.

Each strategy begins with an introduction and step-by-step lesson plans to begin teaching. You will also find colorful anchor charts, sentence frames, and printables.

Included in this pack are Reciprocal Teaching Pals, which can be used during read alouds to continue practicing the strategies before having students work in small groups. Mini Reciprocal Teaching Pals also allow students to practice the strategies while they read independently. Finally, table tents are included for students to use once they begin small group reciprocal teaching.

Explicit lessons give you the guidance you need to begin reciprocal teaching in your classroom. Included are ideas for getting started and timelines. You will also find a section called Use it Before You Lose It, which reminds you to continue practicing each strategy even as you progress.


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