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Main Idea and Details Activities for the Primary Grades


Can we agree that students’ understanding of main idea and details is pretty important? And I’m sure we can agree we need a way to make it stick.

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    So here are several activities that will engage your students while helping them understand main idea and key details.

    Main Idea Anchor Charts

    Google Main Idea Anchor Charts

    Through the years, I’ve seen many creative anchor charts. Here are a few of my favorite. As you can see, the main idea is the picture and the details are the little things that make it. These visuals are a powerful tool that will allow your students to have a better understanding of the terms.

    Activities for Main Idea and Supporting Details

    Main Idea Bags

    Google Main Idea Bags

    These bags are a hands-on interactive activity for understanding main idea and details. Begin by putting items in a bag that describe a main idea. For example, place a baseball, mitt, and baseball cap in a bag. Show your students the items, or details, and have them determine the main idea. Without a doubt, your kids will love these main idea mystery bags!

    Main Idea Pictures

    Google Main Idea Pictures

    After that, hand out several pictures to individual students or groups of students. Then have them use the pictures to determine the main idea.

    Main Idea Game

    Put students in groups. Using the list in the Starter Kit, list off some details. Have students determine the main idea. Award points to groups that are able to answer correctly.

    Main Idea for Kids

    Main Idea Examples

    Primary grade students need very basic examples to build a foundational understanding of main idea and details. Give your students a picture, for example, a shark. Have them label the details of the shark. This gives students the opportunity to practice identifying the details. After, have kids share using main idea sentence starters, so they can continue practicing the language.

      Google Main Idea Game

      Main Idea Worksheets

      Give kids independent practice with main idea worksheets. They can also cut pictures out of magazines that represent one main idea and the pictures are the details.

      As a result, these activities build language with students and an understanding of two terms that, as we agreed, are pretty important.

      Google Main Idea and Details

      To sum it up, get the Main Idea Starter Kit here!

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