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Main Idea Paragraphs for Beginners

main idea paragraph

Teaching writing to elementary students is one of those things that many teachers find challenging. If you do too, you’re not alone. Promise! So paragraph writing is no different. The language can be difficult for kids, especially in first and second grade, to understand. Keep reading to find out how teaching students to write main idea paragraphs is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

main idea paragraphs

In the last two posts, I provide ways to introduce main idea and details. Furthermore, the post details how you can teach students to use a graphic organizer. Now find out how you can teach young writers to write a beginner’s paragraph.

As with any activity, model this first and practice with the kids. But once that’s done, your students will be able to create paragraphs independently, and you’ll be able to set up a writing center with activities, which will be laid out in the next post.

Step 1: Main Idea Web

main idea paragraphs

Begin by having your students complete a main idea graphic organizer. If you missed it, here is a post with a variety of activities that will help your kids build an understanding of main idea and details.

Step 2: Write a Paragraph Introduction

Using the main idea, show students how to write an introduction for the main idea paragraph. For example, I love to get dressed up in Halloween costumes. Show students how to include the main idea into the sentence. It’s always great to have them practice orally first.

Step 3: Add Paragraph Details

main idea paragraphs

Using the detail bubbles, write sentences for each detail. For example, if bumble bee is the detail, you could write: My favorite costume is a bumble bee. Or, Last year I dressed up as a bumble bee. Whatever the detail is, it needs to be used in a sentence.

And there you go! How to write a paragraph for beginners.

If you are looking form more activities, you’ll love this Main Idea Starter Kit!

    main idea paragraphs



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