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Step-by-Step Crafts for Your Literacy Centers


As teachers, we’re always looking for literacy centers that will both benefit our students and keep them engaged. And sometimes that can be a challenge. Independent step-by-step craft activities will cover both; students practice their reading and they’re excited to visit this center.

There’s nothing kids love more than working independently. They especially love when they get to work with a friend. There’s nothing I love more than a literacy center with kids learning and enjoying what they’re doing. I aso have another rule–the center has to be easy for me to prepare. There’s no small pieces or tons of pieces that can get lost.

So here’s one center that I’ve found covers all the bases.

Step-by-Step Crafts

Step-by-step crafts are great activities on following directions. They include students reading a set of directions and creating a craft independently.

The only materials you’ll need for these step-by-step construction paper crafts are scissors, glue, crayons, pens, and construction paper. Once you have your template copied, have your students get started.


Piece of cake!

Literacy Center

Giving students variety in literacy centers is the recipe for student excitement and success. We all want these centers to be easy for us and fun for the students.

Creating a Step-by-Step Crafts literacy center doesn’t take much space.


Just put the materials in a tub or caddy and place it near the directions. I put out lap desks and cushions for the students to create on the floor.

Following Directions


My students are in love with these activities and get upset when they’re not first to do them. Don’t worry, they’ll get a chance.

The goal with this literacy center is for it to be independent and that’s exactly what it is. With the sound of students reading each step and the quiet concentration that comes from this center, it’s safe to say this is a keeper.

Each of these fun following directions activities includes a heading of what the children will make.

They will get a list of materials they will need to complete the project. You can have these materials in the center or the students can be responsible for getting the items from their desks. It’s up to you.

Then the students read the steps to complete the activity.

My students add their craft to the wall next to the directions.

For those that do not complete the center in the given time, which is about 15-20 minutes, they are given time throughout the day.

You’ll want to think of what to do with these students if this happens. As with anything, they’ll get the hang of it as time progresses.

Step-By-Step Craft Ideas

If this is something your students will enjoy then you’ll want this resource.

There are several crafts in the works, but here are a few available now.


Pick up one.

Or go all in with the growing bundle.

Add these step-by-step paper crafts to your literacy centers and your students will be thanking you. And if you need more literacy center ideas, take a look at these phonics centers.



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